Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of answers to some common questions related to security guard services.
How can a security consultant help me and my business?

Hilton has helped several of clients learn invaluable skills and techniques that deter against unwanted visitors and break-ins. Hilton advises as well as supervises the security measures that are necessary to protect businesses people, property, and assets. Learn more about how a Hilton Security consultant can help you.

What do I get when I hire a security guard?

Hilton Security Guards provide not only comfort to the public, but also protect assets and property. Just a guards presence alone is enough to prevent incidents or criminal activity. Find out more reasons why you should hire a security guard.

Why should I hire a Hilton security guard?

At Hilton we take pride in giving our clients peace of mind, assurance, and a sense of security that is second to none. Hilton displays a level of integrity that has not only sustained, but helped expand our security guard team to be one of the elite security guard service companies in Surrey, BC. If you want to maintain a level of security for your assets, or provide your staff and the public with a comfort level that will allow your business to thrive, then Hilton security guards are the team for you.

Why should I use Hilton's mobile patrol security services?

There are several advantages to using our mobile security patrol guard services. A few benefits to mobile unit patrol services include keeping the premise secure, deterring unwanted criminals, it’s a cost effecitve way to keep businesses safe, and mobile patrol is less costly than security guards. Find out more on how Hilton’s mobile patroling service can an asset to your business.


How does a private investigator work?

Our private investigative team can be hired to gather information and evidence that could be useful in the civil court system, such as for divorce or custody cases. Private investigators are able to access information that the general public are not. Learn how a Hilton Security private investigator can help you.   


Who does Hilton provide services for?

Hilton provides dedicated security services  for properties, communities, neighborhoods, vacation homes, commercial businesses, warehouses, businesses, the school district, hospitals, and more. We provide our service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Hilton’s team of trained consultant’s have helped several businesses to secure their assets, and protect their people. Call Hilton so we can help secure your business for years to come.

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