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Hilton provides fire watch services for the local fire departments, commercial buildings, personal dwellings, construction sites and restoration companies all across Greater Vancouver.
Over the last several years, fires have become a real threat to the community, homes, businesses, and public spaces in British Columbia. These fires have proven not only costly, but dangerous to the health and safety to people in affected areas. If traditional fire suppression systems are not functioning, fire watch security may be necessary. Hilton’s security Guards ad an additional level of defense against the potential damage and loss caused by a fire. Our fire watch team adheres to the Provincial Fire Code Regulation, Municipal and City Bylaws, and the Fire Prevention Act requirements.


Reasons You Need a Fire Watch Security Guard

Our security guard fire watch officers have been deployed in several cases when there is the potential for a fire. If these situations had gone unnoticed, severe and dangerous conditions would have ensued causing potential harm to lives, properties, and equipment. Below are some reasons why Hilton’s fire watch service would be required:

  • Fire suppression system not working properly
  • The fire alarm system is offline due to power outage, or need for service
  • Faulty alarm system
  • Mechanical issues with the pump
  • Water shut down for maintenance or repairs
  • High risk situation due to flammable materials

Last Line of Defense

In many cases fire watch is required under fire code, and insurance policies, for multi-residential properties and commercial buildings when fire suppression systems are not functioning. Hilton’s fire watch patrol guards are trained to watch your property and look for any visible signs of a fire.
Hilton performs several on-site duties when performing a fire watch inspection.

  • Ensure corridors and entry ways remain clear
  • The fire alarm system is offline due to power outage, or need for service
  • Checking fire suppression equipment
  • Identify and notify any potential fire risk
  • Document all patrol activities and provide reports/li>
  • In the event of fire, contact the fire department

Should You Hire a Fire Watch Patrol Guard?

Hilton works with many sectors who would benefit from our fire watch security guard services. Industry sectors include Construction, Private, Hotel and Restaurants, Retail, Commercial buildings, Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Warehouses, and Residential strata complexes. Secure your property by having Hilton as your fire watch security service provider.

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