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Hilton Security Group Inc. has worked with a wide array of industries since 2009. Our experience and diversity has helped us to understand the various industries better. Due to this fact, not only have our abilities expanded, but we are able to come up with solutions much quicker for our clients by providing consulting security measures that have proven to be successful in the past.


Industries Hilton Security Serves

As mentioned, Hilton security serves several industries in Greater Vancouver. Hilton’s forward thinking perspective has allowed them to meet the needs of new industries that could benefit from security guard services.

Below is a list of some industries that Hilton Security serves:

  • Industrial Industry security
  • Commercial and Retail
  • Parkades (Bike Patrol)
  • Construction Sites
  • Gate security
  • Truck yards
  • Plazas
  • Halls
  • Residential
  • House Watch, Firewatch

  • Mills
  • tire and automotive
  • plazas
  • stores
  • events
  • offices
  • educational facilities
  • labour distribution
  • parking lots
  • warehouses
  • government contracts
  • trucking yards
  • car lots
  • CAr dealerships
  • VIP Security
  • Insurance claims

Prepared to Serve You Better

Hilton is looking forward to building new business relationships in the future, and are appreciative to all existing clients for their continued business throughout the years. Start working with Hilton today and get the security services you deserve.

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