Mobile Patrol Security Services

Hilton Security offers mobile patrol security services in Surrey and all across Greater Vancouver. The purpose of patrolling is to provide public safety by maintaining order. Our patrol guards have specialty training and are equipped with highly visible marked patrol vehicles. Patrols take place at any time of the day, whether morning, noon, or night. Security patrolling is ideal for properties that cover large areas, or where there is high risk of intrusion.

Duties of our Mobile Patrol Security Officers

Hilton patrol officers are trained to handle several situations that may occur in a public, private, or commercial/business setting. Our skilled security guard patrol officers are capable and trained to perform several tasks. Below is a brief overview of our patrol guard duties:


  • Provide the public with safety
  • Respond to emergency situations right away
  • Protect people and property
  • Monitor surveillance equipment
  • Regular inspections of security equipment, and entrance or access points
  • Marked Security vehicles with top amber lights
  • NEW! Bike Patrol for parkades
  • Mobile patrol officers have the right to give out warnings, citations, or detain anyone who commits offenses.

Why You Need Mobile Patrol?

There is no greater deterrent to criminals than the physical presence of a patrol guard on duty at any given time. There are several advantages to using our mobile security patrol guard services. Below are a few benefits to mobile unit patrol services:


  • Keep premise secure
  • Deter unwanted visitors
  • Cost effective way of keeping a business safe
  • Security guards are more costly than mobile patrol

Ask About Our Mobile Patrol Service

Hilton’s strong reputation has allowed them to invest in training their team, implementing new security technology, and acquiring more advanced patrol units. If you are in need of Hilton’s patrol services, contact one of our helpful representatives. We look forward to working with you to develop a plan that will help keep your people, and property safe.

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