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Hilton Security has a professional private investigator (PI) on staff who has helped several clients with a variety of cases. A private investigator can be hired to gather information and evidence that could be used in the civil court system, such as divorce or custody cases. With several years of experience in working in British Columbia, our private investigator has the knowledge and experience to successfully gather the best evidence to achieve a successful outcome. It is time to hire a private investigator under circumstances when a search is necessary, and video records or document entity research is better left to a trained professional.

Why You Might Need a Private Investigator

PI’s serve and important role at Hilton Security. Often times, they look after cases that are not looked after by other professionals yet serve a necessary role in the civil court system of corporate sector.

Below are common scenarios where you might need a private investigator:

  • Background Checks: Criminal, credit, social history
  • Surveillance: Stalker or an abusive ex, civil related
  • Family Law Matters: Divorce or child custody
  • Infidelity Investigations: Cheating spouse
  • Business Related Investigations: Theft, abuse, legitimacy

How Hilton Security Investigators Work

Our PI uses a variety of techniques and tools to help carry out the investigation. We have access to delicate information that only law enforcement or investigators are able to attain. In the age of social media, significant research can be compiled from relevant social media outlets. Interviews may also be helpful in gathering the necessary information to track or locate persons, assets, perform skip traces or to uncover new information. If necessary, surveillance may be used to follow subject’s movement or transactions.

In addition to gathering information, PI’s help in othe ways. They may provide reports, photographs, or video surveillance. Our PI will also testify at court proceedings as to what information was discovered.

In Need of an Investigator?

Hilton has a highly trained and experienced PI on staff ready to assist in bringing justice to our clients. Call Hilton today and get the answers you need to make a successful case.

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