Dedicated Alarm Response Service

Hilton Security owes its success to their swift alarm response time. When an alarm is triggered, a Hilton security guard is immediately dispatched and our marked mobile patrol vehicle is sent out to the residence, or business, to secure and notify the authorities of any crime or suspicious activity that has taken place. Most alarm companies do not have a patrol service in place, and police authorities typically are overwhelmed with calls and may be delayed in arriving to scene of alarm response.

Hilton can be notified by your alarm company, and our alarm response officers will confirm whether the alarm was real, or whether the local authorities need to be contacted.


Benefits Using Hilton’s Alarm Response Service

Our alarm response service is becoming more prevalent with the increase in property crimes, theft, and burglaries. Below are several benefits of using Hilton’s alarm response services:

  • Highly visible mobile security patrol unit
  • Uniformed and trained security guard
  • Live two way communications with our dispatch centre
  • 24/7 active response
  • Provide response call activity reports

Alarm Response for Residential & Commercial Properties

Our officers provide you with peace of mind and comfort by meeting your needs no matter what the situation. Hilton provides dedicated alarm response services for properties, communities, neighborhoods, vacation homes, and commercial businesses. We provide our service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our alarm response service is only available to properties with an alarm system, or properties that will be getting an alarm system.

Get the Response You Need

Whether you are going on vacation, or your place of business is located in a high risk crime location, Hilton’s alarm response unit will leave you feeling at ease so you can carry on with your business. Call Hilton today to secure your assets and provide you and the public with the safety they deserve.

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