Real Time Video Surveillance Monitoring

Live video monitoring is the fastest growing segment in the security industry. Hilton Security provides real time live video monitoring services for their commercial and residential clients. Technology has rapidly progressed over the years and security cameras have substantially helped to reduce crime and theft cases. There is no better proof than recorded footage of intruders, and with the affordability of CCTV and live video footage, security cameras have become the best protection for your assets. With a wired in speaker, trespassers will be caught off guard when our security team communicates forcefully to leave the property.

Security Camera Key Benefits

Combined with our traditional security services, real time video monitoring has played a key role in increased efficiency and reduced incidents.

Below is a list of key benefits of having security cameras:

  • In some cases, save up to 50% of the costs of security guards
  • Live monitoring means 24/7 eyes on your property or assets
  • Easy collect valuable evidence to speed up crime incident report process
  • Easily access footage with your smart phone

Real Time vs. Remote Video Monitoring

There are two types of digital and analog video monitoring, remote monitoring and real time monitoring. Remote monitoring is the more common form of video surveillance and is a sensor based technology. With movement, the camera is triggered and the security company is alerted. Real time monitoring means the camera is always rolling and video is being watched live at all times. This means the monitoring team can communicate instantly catching intruders off guard and ultimately deterring intrusion. Hilton Security provides both real time and remote video surveillance monitoring service options.

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Contact Hilton Security to see how security cameras with real time live monitoring can help protect your property and assets. We use only the best in quality CCTV and digital camera equipment, installed by professionally certified security surveillance technicians.

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