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Hilton Security is made up from a “group of professionals” with a unique blend of backgrounds including; Policing, Customer Service and Senior Management. This gives us a competitive edge on our competition. Security today has become an integral part of our society, which is largely due to our economic environment. Our goal is to provide our clients with peace of mind knowing that Hilton Security is on the scene. We have taken the combined experience and knowledge that out team of professionals has gained over the years to implement and make Hilton what it is today.

All of our security officers have been trained and passed mandatory exam requirements from the Province of British Columbia and are licensed by the Attorney General of BC. All of our officers are in uniform and are fully insured.

Hilton Values Their Security Guard Team

Hilton believes in rewarding their employees when they perform above and beyond our standards and in return they receive proper recognition from our Management Team for a job well done. They are the “Front Line” of our business. Motivation for our staff is also a key part of our goal which is based on our slogan Faith, Discipline and Unity. As new trends or laws come out we provide additional training for all our staff in order to keep them current and well informed with the new standards that are being set out.

Because of this, The Hilton Security Group has built its reputation as “The Company of Choice” for excellent customer service. We pride ourselves in our customer service and feel that communication between us and our clients is of the utmost importance. Should any unforeseen issues or problems arise we will respond to and rectify them immediately to your satisfaction. This, coupled with excellent personnel and competitive pricing is the reason for our success in the security industry today.

Our Mission

Guarding, protecting, securing. Protecting our client’s assets and lives by understanding and meeting their needs. 

Our Vision

To create a world in which our clients lives and assets are safe and secure. To complete this vision, we will stay true to our values of Honesty, Integrity, Unity and Trust between us and our clients.

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Hilton’s team of trained consultant’s have helped several businesses to secure their assets, and protect their people. Call Hilton so we can help secure your business for years to come.

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